Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A roar comes out of the neighbour's window. They're watching the English cup and "we", that is the Jewish people, that is Israel, that is Avram Grant, that is Chelsea, just scored a goal. On the guardian website I read it's 1-1.

I must admit Avram Grant's appointment as Chelsea manager filled me with a stupid patriotic pride. And I don't even watch football. But then there was this game on the eve of Holocaust memorial day, where he wore the yellow star-of-david (the one jews had to wear under the nazis) as a homage to his dead relatives or something. The picture of him jumping up and down full of joy with the yellow badge on his arm - this should be put on online dictionaries under "Distasteful".

Update 1:00am: We lost. The Gentiles (Man united) won. Outside my window I hear someone throwing up.


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