Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Olmert is an honest man

So says George W. Bush, who has just landed in Israel. With only a few months with Bush around, we should cherish these moments of light entertainment.

The latest Olmert story includes an American millioner and cash in unmarked envelopes (hundreds of thousands of dollars), directly into Olmert's hands. Why not? Cash in hand is the best, as every restraurant cleaner knows, and the more the merrier. Unlike former stories, this time the police have a strong card: Olmert's solicitor as a state witness. Somehow they got him to testify against his former client. The same day he decided to change loyalties, the solicitor was spotted by photographers standing in the middle of Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, completely lost. Crossing the lines can get you to dangerous places.

I like this picture.

Yes, Olmert is an honest man.

The first major Olmert scandal was in 1981, when he received an interest-free pay-when-you-have-the money US$ 50,000 'loan' from an obscure bank, whose archive strangely burnt down once the police investigation started. Since then he's done well, and there was a long list of dodgy deals in back rooms full of cigar smoke (corruption is never fun without the cigars). Olmert came clean so far of all accusations and indictments. He's good at this.

But Olmert is an honest man.

Try asking Israelis, and they will laugh in your face. Savvy, yes. Clever, perhaps. Cunning, no doubt. An honest man?

Anyway, it looks like this time they've got him.


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