Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If you really feel like throwing up, have a look at the website of the "Tomorrow" conference in Jerusalem, in which the Israeli president is hosting a large number of the world's biggest pigs. It feels like a scene from Animal Farm.

Look at them, with their suits and dresses, with their elegant bodyguards, these people who cashed on the destruction of our planet, who helped to make life on earth hell for millions of people, see how they smile.

Usually I am the first to say that most leaders, however disgusting, are not the real villains, our problems are much bigger than the set of idiots on stage. It's still true but a bit of populism never hurt anyone. Liars! Thieves! Murderers! Your day will come! Tomorrow!

And now, I'll go out to catch the sunset in Tel Aviv's pretentious boulevard.


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