Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Khaled Mashal (Hamas) said today: Hamas's participation in the elections was a 'vital experience disregarding the results', and that this 'experiment' established that the Palestinian Authority has 'no sovereignty and no sound foundations'.

Did they really need to be in power for 10 months to find this out? I could have told them that from the start.

This proves to my mind how irresponsible the Hamas have been. They did not plan to win the elections and when they did, they had no plan. It took them by surprise. As a result they had no strategy to deal with the Israeli/American/European boycot. It is just as if an libertarian prisoner would be elected to head the prisoners' association and then find out -to his great surprise - that the Prison's management is not cooperating anymore.

I think they were just very happy with the titles 'Prime Minister' and 'Minister' and found them really difficult to give up, even if in practice they had no power over anything.


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