Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jerusalem Pride

Jerusalem is not Soddom
Get Out of Here
Evil People
Haters of Israel

Jerusalem Pride is tomorrow. This is the fourth Pride; last year someone was stabbed, and this year the threats of violence - from the ultra orthodox community - are posted all around town. They had one saying 'Jews and Arabs against the March of Evil'. Yes homophobia creates strange bedfellows, bringing together Hamas, the Vatican, West Bank settlers and non-Zionist Hassidic Jews. Isn't it heartwarming to see that they can all put their differences aside for once.

The march was shifted from the original course around Nahlat Shiva (the seedy part of town in 1910-1920, but this is never mentioned in official histories) to a very short 500m 'march' to the University area. They are still threatening to cancel it - now because there is a threat of Palestinian retalliation to the bombing on Gaza, and the police say they need the troops elsewhere.

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update: deal with the Orthdox:
Pride rally instead of March.
3,000 cops instead of 12,000
Rabbis call to avoid violence.


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