Sunday, October 29, 2006

hardcore at the Rosa

I started going there in my second year in university, usually after finishing long Programing assignments. For draught beer, they had the Palestinian Taybeh, and the Israeli Goldstar, both good lagers, but their draught Goldstar was divine, especially rich and tasty. Or maybe it was the pleasure of finally submitting those wretched c++ assignments.

It's there I learnt to appreciate Turmusim; heard Lee Morgan's hypnotising trumpet for the first time; and had a long conversation about Zionism in 1999, of which I remember little, except that I was still calling myself a Zionist, although I wasn't sure what it meant.

Going back was reassuring. I've changed in the last eight years, and so has the Rosa. Both of us have gone somewhat anarcho-punk, at least on a sentimental level. They were playing hardcore last week. The singer screamed and howled like a baby unhappy about its bedtime, and the guitars were soothing, melodic and precise. I looked outside to the empty streets of the Shuk and sighed. I don't find much room for optimism here but the guitarist's lyrical practicality suggested I am not looking hard enough.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger RUINIST said...

surely anarcho-mink?


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