Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The settlers' direct action tactics are quite imagineative, I must admit. This morning they locked the gates of 167 schools in Tel-Aviv with padlocks. I'm sure they made many teenagers very happy. The police were quite embaraced about it.
The most popular right-wing slogan against the Gaza pullout is 'A Jew does not expell a Jew'; all other options are OK by them, I guess. Well I can tell from my own personal experience that they shouldn't count on it. Two years ago we were evicted from a house in the East End by its ultra-orthodox Jewish owners. They were developers who wanted to build loads of tiny yuppie flats over it. The old eastenders who were living across the street called the owners 'Jewish mob' (they also called Bangladeshi people 'Ayatollahs'). The house was really magical; it wasn't lived in for forty years. Anyway we tried to play the Jewish card; it was September, the time of the High Holidays - Jewish new year, Yom Kippur and Sukkot - and we asked them to let us stay until they do something with the building, or at least give us an extra few weeks, until the Holidays are over. They gave us one extra day. After the eviction the building stood empty for another 7 months.


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