Saturday, March 26, 2005

being back

eleven at night. i'm dead tired. i planned to go to a Purim party (it's the dress-up festival right now), even brought my bunny ears especially, and my fuck-me t-shirt, but i think i'm not up for it. didn't get much sleep on the flight.

It didn't take me more than a few hours and I found myself walking to the Shuk, the West Jerusalem Fruit and Veg market. it was very busy, as usual on Fridays. Some observations:

1. The suicide-bombing anxiety is pretty much over. It felt so much relieved and relaxed comparing to last year. You can read it on people's faces.

2. They started selling Knafeh (an Arab sweet cheese pastry, orange colour) everywhere in the market.

3. David from the Fish stall looks older.

4. More eating joints - selling comfort food, cooked on old oil stoves. A couple of trendy places as well. Is the Shuk getting gentrified? nooooo, no chance. not yet.
5. at the Russian deli, the one with the big in-your-face "NOT KOSHER" sign (quite unusal for this market) I found they sell Zubrovska, Polish Bison vodka -1.75l for less than 8 quid, not bad.

walking from the market towards my old flat, i passed an old guy. He always sits there. Beautiful flowers he said, referring to the fresias I was holding. And they smell good as well I said. Come give us a whiff, he said. I did and he wished me happy festival.
Four years ago, I remember passing him with a half-watermelon in my hand. He giggled and pointed at the watermelon: 'we Sepharadie (middle eastern) Jews never buy a half. We always buy a whole one!' i remember feeling irate. Yes everyone knows being ashkenazie (European) is lame and uncool but why rub it in.

there's already tension between my father and me. not very surprising. He came to pick me up at the airport, although i asked him not to. We didn't embrace, or touch, nothing. as usual. I was cold. Hardly said thankyou. Is this unfair? I know it is. But so easily I find myself losing my patience: his lecturing, his meddling with my business.


fuck it. i'm going to that party. Good night


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